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  1. one's nearest and dearest

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    • 1. 【謔】親人 I always spend Christmas with my nearest and dearest. 我總是和親人一起過聖誕節。
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    • 龐龍-兩隻蝴蝶歌詞中翻英

      The dear one You fly slowly and slowly It is dear to be careful of the...039;s mouth Wind will fragrance of flowers let you drunk a dear one Shen You fly with me Wear jungle is it watch...

    • 請幫我One more kiss, dear翻譯歌詞

      歌名 One more kiss, dear (親愛的,再一個吻吧!) One more kiss, dear (親愛的...till I die (我會珍惜它,直到我死去。) So for now, dear (親愛的,所以現在~) Aurevoir, madame (再一次見到妳...

    • 請幫我潤飾這篇短信,謝謝。Dear Sirs, One of

      ..._HowToRegisterABusiness. Dear Sirs and Madams, *(男女都要兼顧) (&ldquo... “try to…”) (if this is the first time your company have business with this oversea company...