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  1. debated

    • debate的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • the debate.....疑問??

      ...連接兩個獨立子句,因為此兩個子句的動詞相同,故第二句的動詞可以省略. the debate over the megafaunal extinction is one of the liveliest in paleontology today...

    • 請問political charged debates是什麼

      我覺得「political charged debates」應該是:公辦辯論會 「political」除了「政治的」意思外,也有「行政的...

    • debate of the death penalty

      (First of all, I'm on the pro side of the argument, but I'll stand on your side this one time just for the sake of helping you out!!) 1.Death Penalty is a cruel punishment, Nobody has the rigth to decide who is to die by the...