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  1. debating point

    • n.
      an interesting subject for debate, especially one which is not essential to the matter under discussion.
    • noun: debating point, plural noun: debating points

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    • IPA[dəˈbādiNG]
    • n.
      an extraneous proposition or inessential piece of information used to gain advantage in a debate.

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • the debate.....疑問??

      ...連接兩個獨立子句,因為此兩個子句的動詞相同,故第二句的動詞可以省略. the debate over the megafaunal extinction is one of the liveliest in paleontology today...

    • 請問political charged debates是什麼

      我覺得「political charged debates」應該是:公辦辯論會 「political」除了「政治的」意思外,也有「行政的...

    • The debate over independence 用

      debate 爭辯 A fierce debate on the tax cut was going on. 一場圍繞著減稅的辯論正在激烈進行 中。 a debate on abortion 一個對於墮胎的爭辯 所以是用 on 喔!