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    • 碎片,殘骸
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    • debris, garbage, trash 有何不同

      ...之人" trash這字有ash(灰燼)這個字尾,所以有"殘渣or灰渣"的意思 debris則比較有"碎片or破瓦殘礫or碎屑"等意思 而且debris也可以翻譯成"...

    • 英文單字 - (碎片) 定義及用法的問題

      "debris" should be used, otherwise you need to say "broken fragments... broken pieces from the process, therefore, just use "debris". Cullets are used to describe those crushed glass...

    • 英文文法不懂

      A lot of debris-----------------at the site of explosion for quite a while. a:have been left b:...