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  1. debris avalanche


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    • what is mudflows

      ...土流(earth flow)或岩屑流(debris flow)、岩石崩瀉(rock avalanche)、岩屑崩瀉(debris avalanche)、及雪崩(snow avalanche)。 看到你要的沒?土石流>>mud flow

    • 一段英文翻譯,勿用翻譯軟體,須通順!!麻煩各位!!(20點)

      ... that move suddenly and at great speeds are called debris avalanches. In the Peruvian Andes in 1977, a debris avalanche moved...

    • 土石流英文文章 簡單 wet soil, sandy sediments and/or silt, dirt, rock, debris, volcanic ash, small plants, and even trees and.../sec. Others begin very quick and continue like an avalanche. If "large enough" they can devastate ...