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  1. debt collector


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    • see a spike 是什麼意思?

      1. see a spike >> 看見一次突增 spike: 長釘; 在圖表上代表突增之意 請參看下圖: 圖片參考: (Hits are greater than subscribers. When you see a spike in subscribers, you see a spike in...

    • 請問英文補習班商業利益如何降低台灣學子的英文程度

      ... matters:-cheat=earn in your sc.fees !!!???(a)fraudulent debt collectors gp targetting you to get back money owed or to kill you.(b)get loan to pay ...

    • 初中級英文文法為題

      ...不變: I was left stranded (by some situation) 2.The debt-collectors took all his money, and he was left completely penniless. [was...