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    • 有分寸的,得體的,大方的
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    • proper/ decent/ suitable的不同

      可是不是很了解....decent不是指"得體的,有禮貌的"那種proper嗎? 請大家幫忙解釋,謝謝~ pick out a suitable outfit for the event. 這裡的suitable就是跟你說的一樣喔 decent是代表好的意思 比較少士只有禮貌 he got a decent score on the test. 她...

    • half-decent 的意思

      ...power politics with a mighty superpower and to break away from overlordship. Any half-decent political commentator of the time should have been able to see what was ...

    • decent-paying job 要怎麼翻比較適當?

      I had never worked at a full-time, decent-paying job in my life and had no assets, not even a...