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  1. decision theory


    • n.
      the mathematical study of strategies for optimal decision-making between options involving different risks or expectations of gain or loss depending on the outcome.
    • noun: decision theory

  2. 知識+

    • 急~~~請翻譯 以下的 英文問題

      ...的例子來證明 Thaler 是對的。 6. How does behavioral decision theory relate to pricing tactics? 行為決定學說(behavioral decision theory)跟價格戰術...

    • 英文翻譯,幫修改一下!!

      ...個有趣的主題。 The normative perspective is a distinctive perspective of decision theory that focuses on rational choice. 規範性觀點是 一種有獨特觀點的決策理論...

    • What is ” Utility Theory”?

      ...它發生或不發生; 並且對看法幾何所有這些事一起有的比例。 Utility theory is used in decision analysis to determine the EU (estimated utility) of some action...