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    decision making
  1. decision-making

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 決策 to be good at decision-making 善於作決定 decision-making process 決策過程
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    • decision making process怎麼翻才對?

      ... decision-making process 翻作:決策的過程 例句:In...由兩個單字組合成一個單字!舉個例子: decision-making,這邊decision的位置必須放名詞、副詞或是形容詞...

    • 請大大幫我 decision making的意思

      decision 決定 makingdecision making 決定做 2009-10-08 21:03:33 補充: 抱歉打錯了 decision making 做決定 2009-10-12 18:46:25 補充: 要有創意

    • 幫我翻譯Make Decisions

      We make decisions every day. Some are big and some are small...refuse to think about it. We wait until the last minute to make the decision. Then the decision may not be good. Give ...