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  1. declare against

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      They declared against cheating on exams. 他們反對考試作弊。

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    • 一封英文信

      ... war is coming to an end. The Yanks has declared war against the Alliance, they will soon come and drive these German bastards...

    • 翻譯成繁體字crossing the rubincon

      【註釋】 the Rubicon: 盧比孔河,在義大利北部。 Cross the Rubicon有"破釜沉舟"之意。 Caesar:愷撒(西元前100一44年),古羅馬統帥和政治家,與龐培、克拉蘇結成前三頭政治聯盟,率軍侵略海外,屢建奇功。西元前49年初,元老院與龐培聯合...

    • 煩請達人指導英文"開放陸客自由行"

      ..., they will tell their friends also. Despite the people against the Open Door Policym but to me, it is a good...