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    • 急!! 請幫我中翻英 ~贈20點~謝謝!翻譯軟體請迴避...

      ...法庭上跟法官聲明自己無罪,在課堂上和獲得過諾貝爾政治學獎的教授滔滔雄辯。 Declare oneself's not guilty with the judge on the law court, on the classroom with acquired the surging...

    • a question about diction

      That's right. Be convicted is a matter of whether you are guilty or not. Be sentenced is a matter of how severe the punishment will be upon conviction. So they are different stages of judicial process.

    • An English grammar question be (+verb transit)=blamed/found guilty/doomed/declared unfit/ Condemned verb transitive natured. eg.... No; Your application is Not going to be approved.