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    • 一句英文,幫我分析一下文法

      ... for evidence that SAT scores in general have been declining over the years from the mean of 500? 您說得沒錯, 是用了倒裝, 不過因為句子結構稍微變化了...

    • 這幾題英文選擇題答案是...?

      ... 填空題 Q1. CD sales have been declining year-on-year with the introduction of CD burners (燒錄器) and MP3...

    • in the year to March 2012的中文意思

      ... with an annual rate of decline of 17.8% in February and a decline of 11.9% recorded in the twelve months to March 2011.In the year to March 2012指的就是”到2012年的三月”