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  1. defense mechanism


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    • 大學題目-需要詳解

      ...觸怒 (C) pretense /藉口,託詞 (D) intense /強烈的,劇烈的;極度的 *defense mechanism / 防衛機制 9. 答案: A (A) growth /生長,成長;發育 (B) hatred...

    • 問一個關於鹽了問題(用英文回答)

      ... production of thyroid hormones, needed for strong auto-defense mechanism (lymphatic system). ◆ Bromine: In magnesium bromide form, a nervous system regulator...

    • 幫解英文題目 謝謝

      ... much more than usual, which seemed to be characteristic of a ( A. defense ) mechanism. 9. Zhuan Falun (轉法輪) is a book for people in search of...