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  1. 萬里長城

    • zhuyin[ㄨㄢˋㄌㄧˇㄔㄤˊㄔㄥˊ]
    • pinyin[wanlichangcheng]
    • Great Wall (Chinese defensive fortification intended to keep out the nomadic invaders from the north; initiated during Qin dynasty and reign of Shi Huangdi);[Figurative] strong and powerful bulwark; insurmountable barrier
    • 相關詞
    • protective embankments surrounding low-lying fields

    • parapet

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    • iron defense

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  2. 知識+

    • 各位請問一下泰國的King's Palace啥?(我很急)

      ... other approaches to the palace are protected by a defensive wall of 1,900 metres in length, which encloses an area of 218,400 square...

    • '如何使他卸下心防? ' 的英文如何表達? his heart? How can I let the wall inside his heart go down? 另外,要使人卸下心防... can I make him not to be so defensive? How can I make him less defensive...

    • 有沒有英文高手可以幫我翻譯

      羅馬軍隊有打過敗仗. 但是從不曾輸過任何一場大型戰爭. 他們是受過高度訓練並且遵守嚴厲卻能處處革新的制度. 羅馬軍隊作戰時主要是使用羅馬式短劍和一般的短刀. 不過他們也從被他們所擊敗的敵人那裡學到了重裝輕騎的戰術. 士兵們都住在有著堅固的岩壁與壕溝環繞著的石器或是木製...