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  1. defer to

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    • 1. 聽從 She never defers to her parents' opinions. 她從來不聽從父母的意見。
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    • 請幫我把這幾句翻成英文,拜託拜託.....

      This continual murderer is defers to Christianity's seven pardoned crimes... surface, finally ate the stomach 撐破 to die. The result is: The murderer ...

    • Dream Deferred

      ... 的資料 Dream Deferred What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun...

    • 麥考利克金的deferred sentence是指?

      他去年搭乘友人的車時被警方搜出沒有處方籤的抗憂慮劑和大麻 昨天開庭的審判結果 他被判緩刑1年 deferred sentence就是緩刑