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  1. deficiency disease

    • n.
      a disease caused by the lack of an element in the diet, usually a particular vitamin or mineral.
    • noun: deficiency disease, plural noun: deficiency diseases

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    • please help this pic of work

      ...飲食 How to maintain good health--如何維持良好的健康 The definition of deficiency diseases- How does various deficiency cause Maintain good diet Exercise...

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      ... 原發型硬化性膽管炎 alcoholic liver disease 酒精肝 Wilson’s disease 威爾森氏症 阿爾發-1-antitrypsin deficiency甲一型抗胰蛋白酵素缺乏症 chronic hepatitis B or C B或...

    • 膽汁和佝僂症的醫療術語分別是什麼?

      ...bilirubin, mucus, fat, lecithin, and cells and cellular debris. 佝僂症 rickets A disease due to vitamin D deficiency and characterized by overproduction and deficient calcification of osteoid tissue, with...