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  1. definite article


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    • 該不該加定冠詞?

      As people always point out, using a definite article "the" is for specific thing. In this.... 2011-12-08 14:33:13 補充: Adding article can really make an essay or paragraph much easier...

    • 我是西班牙語初學者,想知道有哪些冠詞?

      ...two different kinds of article: (1) Definite Article: Singular: el (the); use with... summary, basically in Spanish, articles are used the same as in...

    • 關於英文冠詞的用法(報告)

      ...helicopter 都正確。(美國人比較偏好把H用為子音字母) -------- 定冠詞 (Definite article) 簡單的說,定冠詞指示的是說者特定提的名詞,就是說該名詞對聽者有特別...