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  1. degrade

    • IPA[dəˈɡrād]


    • v.
      treat or regard (someone) with contempt or disrespect;lower the quality of; cause to deteriorate
    • verb: degrade, 3rd person present: degrades, gerund or present participle: degrading, past tense: degraded, past participle: degraded

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    • degrade的句子?

      ...不會隨著年紀而降低 ~可以考慮用[衰退],[減損] 2.Our memories can degrade over time. 我們的記憶會隨時間而衰退~似乎比較順 over time 的over是什麼?~~歷經...

    • 有人知道enzimatically 和 photo-degr

      enzimatically是由 enzime(酵素) 變化來的 一般用來解釋用酵素去分解東西 "break it down enzimatically" 等等 photo-degraded 是指用光分解 photo 是字根, 光的意思 degrade 就是分解

    • 請精準翻譯此段英文(感謝函6)

      英原文 We should keep in mind that no one can degrade us except ourselves ; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat...