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    • 愉快,歡樂
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    • 請幫我中翻英~~急急急急急!!!(英文課要用)

      ...visit this beautiful place. B:hope to own an itinerary of delectation. A:I miss you all the way ascend also ...not say so, this is what I should do, hope the delectation that you play! B:will also please tomorrow!

    • 中文翻成英文感謝文 誰來翻譯

      ...go together of crew Because of you the whole itinerary enriches delectation more sweet You will travel this time the theest freshest clear recollection...

    • 中翻英 短文 幫忙一下3Q

      ... to have fun This year the winter vacation is true delectation 以上是一段一段翻 This year winter vacation I lead of heel former...