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  1. deliberate

    • adj.
      done consciously and intentionally;careful and unhurried
    • v.
      engage in long and careful consideration;consider (a question) carefully
    • 釋義



    • 1. engage in long and careful consideration she deliberated over the menu
    • consider (a question) carefully jurors deliberated the fate of those charged they deliberated what they should do with him
  2. 知識+

    • 請問英文高手英翻中deliberate exclusion

      没有前後文較難翻譯, 若就字面上來說, deliberate 是故意的意思, exclusion 是排除的意思, 所以 deliberate exclusion 就是特意地排除, 而若是用在人際關係上就是惡意排擠了. 有需要的話可以把前後文po 上來, 再幫你看詳細了.

    • 語言學習~有關英文文法問題

      ... her to my party was a deliberate insult. 她覺得, 我未邀請她參加我的舞會一事是存心的...invite her to my party, she thought it a deliberate insult. 這樣改寫會與原句語意有些許差別, 變成了because...

    • 請幫忙分析句子的文法~~謝謝!

      ...that they are also depriving the time that cost for people to make a deliberate thinking 而 A. 中 還是有 主詞+動詞+受詞 : (主詞) high...