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    • SHAPE

      ... purpose; an intent: It was her design to set up practice on her own as soon as she was qualified. Deliberate intention: He became a photographer more by accident than by...

    • ”安樂死”的英文文章..幫翻譯..part 1.

      安樂死一般被歸類為 "主動" 或者 "被動", 和 "自願" 或者 "非自願"。與安樂死相似的是 "被協助的自殺"。主動 vs 被動 "被動的安樂死" 通常被定義為故意撤掉醫療治療來引起病人的死亡。例如,如果一個病人需要洗腎才能活下來,而他的醫生切斷洗...

    • 請幫忙看看我翻譯關於催眠的原文(之三)是否哪裡要改正!

      ... either used hypnosis as deliberate method of intervention or they did not,and the distinction...: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis (1990),and then...