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    • 什麼叫做 ”Public Speaking?”

      ... speaking is speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner. It is a form of communication that adds to the knowledge and...

    • 英文達人快來救救我!!急需要!!

      ...routinely investigate losses to look for evidence of fraud or deliberate intent. 保險公司會以各種方式設法避免蓄意保單和投保人...投保人的惡意傾向. Insurance companies also structure their policies in such a way as to reduce...

    • 以下有關教育的英文請幫忙翻譯

      范圍教的樣式定義了可利用的選擇或樣式、他們的判定結構、老師和每樣式的學 習者的具體角色和宗旨最好到達由每樣式。 光譜的六個前提 1.The公理: 光譜的整個結構源於最初的前提教的行為是政策制定鏈子。教學每次故意行動是一個以前做的決定的結果。 2...