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    • 請問英文高手!!! 這段話的意思!!!

      ...聲浪當中。(他們是指東歐人民) Communism had failed to deliver the goods. 共產主義在這一點(提供自由交易市場,滿足消費的desire)完全失敗...

    • 請幫我中翻英 請客戶先匯款

      ...匯款 money transfer 轉帳 custom-made/made-to-order 都是指定做的意思 The commodity/goods will be delivered within 40 days since we receive money remittance/transfer 本句為自我們收到匯款...

    • 請英文大師們幫我翻成英文可以嗎?

      ...can choose to pay it with ATM transfers accounts, cash on delivery(COD), or get the goods in the convenience store.It's such a good deal.A few...