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    deliver newspapers

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    • paperboy的中文和造句可以教一下?

      paperboy - noun 送報生 The window was broken by the paperboy this morning. A paperboy is the one who delivers newspaper to people's house.

    • 請幫我翻譯一下這篇文章 我很急

      ...breakfast always have happy feel, very long-drawn-out Xian De look at deliver newspaper raw send newspaper, match on a cup of milked tea and I love ham sandwich...

    • [金髮碧眼 ]英文如何說

      ...金黃色的長辮子。 2. (皮膚)白皙的 3. (人)白膚金髮碧眼的 This blond man delivers newspaper every morning. 這個白膚金髮碧眼的男人每天早晨送報紙。 4. 淺色的 n. (名詞 noun...