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    deliver over

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    • 商業英文翻譯-勿用Google

      ...the product inspection report issued? The sample had been delivered for over 3 weeks but we still cannot receive the notification of the report. 2...

    • 請問英文高高手!

      post-recession post 表示"後" 所以就是 經濟蕭條後 postwar 戰後的 over-deliver 交付出去的太多 通常是指好的方面 例如, 老板限你3 天教作業, 你兩天就交了, 留一天的時間給老板檢視

    • 請幫我翻譯機車貨物運送職業工會的英文

      只要用yahoo翻譯機就可以了囉~~~ 機車貨物運送職業工會 The locomotive cargo ships the Trade union 機車送披蕯工會 The locomotive delivers throws over 蕯 the trade union