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    deliver oneself to the police

    • ph.
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    • I'll deliver to her when I rec

      I'll deliver it to her when I receive it. 動詞要有受詞,而且副詞子句...其代表的名詞後面才清楚. 2013-07-13 12:58:28 補充: 不可 只有to deliver something to somebody 或to deliver something to something: Would you...

    • 請問句子的英文文法問題

      將本句簡化: A is delivered to B via C using 所以: E-learning is delivered to the end-user via a computer using(現在...

    • make/deliver the invitation

      ...quot;(B) delivers". By the way, if you want to use "deliver ... to sb", you shall write the sentence as: HansCard delivers the invitation...