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  1. delivery

    • IPA[dɪˈlɪvəri]



    • n.
      發送; 投遞; 分送; 送交;發送物
    • 名詞複數:deliveries

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 發送; 投遞; 分送; 送交 to take delivery of sth. 收到某物 to pay on delivery 貨到付款
    • 2. 發送物 to make a delivery 送貨
    • 3. 分娩 to have an easy/a difficult delivery 順產/難產
    • 4. 演講風格
    • 5. 講話; 宣布
    • 6. 交出
    • 7. 解救


    1. the action of delivering letters, parcels, or goods

    2. an item or items delivered on a particular occasion

    3. the process of giving birth

    4. an act of throwing, bowling, or kicking a ball, especially a cricket ball

    5. the manner or style of giving a speech


    「1. the action of delivering letters, parcels, or goods」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • What is your delivery 翻譯?

      1.What is your delivery lead-time? 你們從訂單確認到交貨之間需要多少時間? 或你們交貨前置《準備...交貨前置《準備》時間是從接到訂單之後3個月 4.Our expedited delivery lead-time is two months after receipt of order. 緊急交貨前置《準備...

    • shipping schedule 和 delivery

      除了英文 shipping 和 delivery 在字義上有點小差別, shipping---運輸 delivery---交貨 其實對國外客戶來...小小的差別,如果你只是把貨交給貿易商或其他的工廠,不負責出口事宜,那就用---delivery schedule. 如果今天你的公司負責出口事宜,那用---shipping schedule會更恰當

    • arrvial and delivery 的用法

      由兩個字 便可看出差別 ETD: estimated time of delivery 預計出貨時間 ETA: estimated time of arrival 預計到貨時間 依路程...