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    • 急急急!請求英文高手大大幫忙翻譯文章, 20點! 感恩!

      ... the customer the medication demand, and coordinates supply and demand customers positively and so on Production enterprise, hospital, 2010-03-15 23:17:06 補充...

    • 英文文法-過去分詞分不清

      不是! customer demand 兩個字要一起看,合起來是一個意思: 「顧客需求」,這稱為複合名詞。 customer... come up with several measures to offset decreased consumer demand for our products. 管理高層已經想出幾個方法來彌補顧客對我們...

    • 英翻中我不要網路翻的ㄡ

      ...forecast accuracy may mean to the company. As supplies come closer to demand, customers can buy more, stores return less, and more revenue goes straight to the bottom...