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  1. demonstration match


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    • 請問 “ 示範賽 “ 的英文

      exhibition game (季前)示範賽或練習賽 exhibition game = exhibition match = exhibition= a demonstration

    • 麻煩高手幫忙翻譯成英文一下.感恩

      ... the test: Left side under the LCD normal demonstration condition, , observes the screen to probably to be able... cable + DC Adaptor and Devices match the test: DC adaptor can carry on the charge to ...

    • 能幫我翻譯這篇小短文嗎?(中翻英)~急~贈10點! carry on the dyeing to the artificial leather, and matched the post-processing way to find the improvement the... to the artificial leather, the experimental result demonstration in, the radio station rotational speed is 50 r.p.m...