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  1. denominated

    • denominate的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • name nominate denominate 問題!!

      ...position. You nominate a person for a job. You nominate a person as xxxx. denominate的用法是:動詞+受詞+受詞補語 to denominate him a thief 意思是:稱...

    • 再請英文高手

      ...15 October 2007 which are derived from sterling, dollar and euro-denominated overnight index swaps. 實線表示官方的匯率? ( rates) UK, ...

    • 中文翻譯英文Email書信

      ... on the host site provides you operate , how the cost is denominated in it? If you want to add features in the future such as: membership...