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    • 濃厚的;密集的,稠密的
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    • 英文翻譯Is 1,000 times less dense

      裡面包含了99.8%的空氣 絕緣程度比最佳玻璃纖維還高出39倍以上. 密度比玻璃的千分之一還低 並被使用於探測外星的"火星逗留者號".

    • 醫護英文翻譯...即須

      ...要解釋這個腦部影像學的報告,需要花費一點功夫。 Dense basilar artery 意思是說,基底動脈在腦部影像學 (如電腦...供應腦部後面的血液循環。 所以在腦部影像學上看到 dense basilar artery,就會 聯想到是否病人有後循環不足的症狀...

    • A Christmas Carol文法題?

      was so dense without =without =old use for "outside" =adverb in literature is " the verb "was" =dense without =be too obvious, too well known, dense "outside" Hence; you don't know the meaning of it:- (1...