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    • 否定,否認;拒絕相信,拒絕接受,拒絕給予否定,拒絕
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    • Refuse Denied

      Refuse Denied Refuse 拒絶 Denied 被否絶 , 原形動詞是 deny , denied 是被動式. Refuse Denied 就是律師提出 拒絶某事或某要求, 但是法官不同意而予以否絶,不接受.

    • 英文deny的用法

      It can not be denied that... There is no denying... 2010-06-30 11:25:36 補充: 可以阿 +that+子句 2010-06-30 11:26:20 補充: 你去奇摩搜尋there is no denying 然後按搜尋全世界 就會看到ㄌ

    • There is no denying that..怎麼造句

      我想你要先搞懂這個句型在幹麻的 There is no denying that + 子句 ... 無可否認的是 ..... There is no denying that the protest will continue to last a few month. 無可否認的是,抗議將持續好幾個月.