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  1. deny oneself


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    • 1. 節制;摒棄 He never denies himself anything. 他生活上從不節制。
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    • 我要問這一句英文 No one can deny the f

      No one can deny the fact that a person’s education is the most important aspect of his...

    • 翻譯英文情詩 one way love

      A one way love can never thrive;單戀不長久 It needs reciprocation... heart command.讓心指引 You'll find that it will not deny 你將發現(你的)心不稟棄 A love which must expand.一個必須擴大...

    • well i wasnt goin 2 deny u是啥意思

      ...sorry to hear that>"< I just see one album name "brothers" 什麼? 我很抱歉聽到...名稱為 "兄弟"的相簿 第六段 well i wasnt goin 2 deny u 我本來每有打算否認你的阿~ 第七段 erm...dun worry...