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  1. depend on

    • ph.
      確信; 堅信; 信賴;(能)相信某人/某事物可靠
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    • 1. 確信; 堅信; 信賴 I'm depending on you coming. 我肯定你會來的。 You can never depend on his arriving on time. 決不可指望他能準時到達。
    • 2. (能)相信某人/某事物可靠 You can't depend on the train arriving on time. 千萬不要認為這列火車能正點到達。 She's a woman who can be depended on. 她是個可以信賴的人。
    • 3. 視某事物而定; 取決於某事物 A lot will depend on how she responds to the challenge. 在很大程度上將取決於她對這一難題的反應。 How much is produced depends on how hard we work. 產量的大小在於我們努力的程度。


    確信; 堅信; 信賴