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    depend on a thread

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    • 幫忙找hanging by a thread的意思~~10點

      hang by a `hair/a (single) `thread (of a person's fate, etc) depend on sth small (指人的命運等)繫於一發, 千鈞一髮...的英文說明 If something hangs by a thread, there is a very small chance indeed of it...

    • 名言翻譯成英文 depends on a good start in spring.(旺文社) The whole day's work depends on a good start in the morning. A moment of time is worth a thread of gold; a thread of gold can't buy a moment of time.(維德文化) To have more...

    • 能不能把我只在乎你這首歌翻成英文 you I can't feel one in fine threads affection If have so a day your saying will soon want...every dayonly together I can't only depend on a slice of film recollection to live bottom ...