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  1. depending on

    • ph.
      being conditioned by; contingent on
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    • ph.
      according to

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 有關於depend on後面的子句該怎麼處理

      depend onon 既然是介係詞,那就是適用介係詞...子句。 所以第二例: You can never depend on his arriving on time. 這... on time. (?) You can't depend on the train to arrive on time. (?) 以文法...

    • depend/depending/dependant on?

      depend on depending on dependant on 這三種各用在哪種句子? 如何分辨? [意義一樣 用華有別 ] 依靠; 信賴 倚靠...; 視...而定 Depend on ( 動詞片語 phrase) . He depends on his wife to take care of...

    • depend on 用法

      ... ingredients are then added into the base, which depends on the taste buds of the hungry customer.是用形容詞子句來寫本句的方法. 由此...