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    • 我要寫作文..作文題目是Saving Money

      ...: I don't have the money. That's the standard cry from those who wait to save what's left over. It never happens..., "pay yourself first." Use the CommStar...that add up. If you only can start with $10 a paycheck, do that now. When...

    • 可以幫我翻譯這個英文笑話嗎?看不太懂

      一對離婚的夫妻在爭他們孩子的扶養權。 老婆肯定地說:這孩子是我的。 丈夫反駁::「你在開玩笑嗎?胡說。難道將錢存入提款機就屬於該機器?才不是,是屬於原已存一筆錢在帳戶,以金融簽帳卡插入提款機的人。」 1.這題是單純健康教育無所謂黃色笑話,將ATM 提款機當成...

    • 這一小段文章需要翻成英文, 有人要幫忙嗎? 20點

      ... pressure , I will leave for U.S.A. in March of this year , I deposit what money does it reach , there is a sum of debt up to 2200 dollars, Because I have ...