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    depreciate in value

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    • Nominal value的中文

      ... to is unknown, after all, in accounting, you can have items that can be depreciated, like equipment, real estate, ... and so...then it will be depreciated value. 2014-09-16 10:44:09 補充: ...

    • 會計: 折舊問題

      ... understand your point now! My understanding in depreciation is: You can fully depreciate or partial depreciate (with residual value). Let's focus on partial depreciation. 2014-02-18 13:02:14 補充...

    • 英文文法不暸..幫我解析!

      1.who代替主詞 whom代替受詞。也就是who後面句子是在說murder,他是主詞非受詞。若變成whom則後面句子沒有主詞,而whom也沒提到誰是受詞。 舉例來解釋主詞與受詞: john,who likes cats. who 表示前面提到的john也可以變成john likes cats. john...