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  1. depreciate

    • IPA[dɪˈpriːʃɪeɪt]


    • v.
      diminish in value over a period of time;reduce the recorded value in a company's books of (an asset) each year over a predetermined period.
    • verb: depreciate, 3rd person present: depreciates, gerund or present participle: depreciating, past tense: depreciated, past participle: depreciated

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    • IPA[dəˈprēSHēˌāt]


    • v.
      diminish in value over a period of time: the pound is expected to depreciate against the dollar

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      ... of 1st year: (€100,000-20,000)/5 =€16,000 (depreciated amount) residual value: €100,000 - 16,000 =€84,000 ... in depreciation is: You can fully depreciate or partial depreciate (with residual value). Let'...

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      Knowledge explores ; experiences depreciate 個人譯為 : 學而不倦帶來啟發 倚老賣老讓人退化 活到老 學到老 世界每天轉動...

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      ... unknown, after all, in accounting, you can have items that can be depreciated, like equipment, real estate, ... and so on. Hence, if nominal terms it...