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    • 價值減低,減價,跌落,折舊
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    • 會計: 折舊問題

      For this question, you use straight line depreciation: End of 1st year: (€100,000-20,000)/5 =€16, the 3rd year. Hence, you need to re-calculate the depreciation amount based upon the residual value (€68,000) for the...

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      depreciation (n.)降價, 跌價; 輕視, 貶低; 貶值; 折舊depreciation rate 折舊率1. the rate at which the value of property is reduced; used to calculate tax deduction(synonym) rate of depreciation(hypernym) rate, charge per unitexpiration 過期  汰換 淘汰expiration rate 汰換率

    • 請翻譯這2個句子!!謝 跟accounting有關

      depreciation 是指 折舊 under or over valued 是指 高於或低於 帳面(或市場)價格(價值) 2008-03-08 14:51:14 補充: -Depreciation expense is based on estimates of an assets useful life...