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  1. depressions

    • depression的名詞複數
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    • Depression翻譯

      ...年。 However, appropriate treatment can help most people suffering form depression. Not everyone who is depressed experiences the same...

    • 請問neurotic depression是什麼意思?

      Neurotic depression 精神官能性憂鬱症, 或稱 精神官能症 這個連結是關於...)為核心症狀,常伴隨有情緒鬱悶的憂鬱症狀(Depression),以及各式各樣身體不適的心身症(Somatization...

    • 中翻英-緩和你的depression with向前看,急20

      ...'t let anything happend in the past trouble you, do alleviate your depression by looking into the future.There's always a hope in the future, keep...