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  1. derive

    • IPA[dəˈrīv]


    • v.
      obtain something from (a specified source);base a concept on a logical extension or modification of (another concept)
    • verb: derive, 3rd person present: derives, gerund or present participle: deriving, past tense: derived, past participle: derived

    • 釋義


    • 1. obtain something from (a specified source) they derived great comfort from this assurance 同義詞 obtain, get, take, gain, acquire, ... 更多
    • base a concept on a logical extension or modification of (another concept) Eliot derived his poetics from the French Symbolists
    • (of a word) have (a specified word, usually of another language) as a root or origin the word “punch” derives from the Hindustani “pancha” the word “man” is derived from the Sanskrit “manu.” 同義詞 originate in, have its origins in, have as a source, arise in, stem, ... 更多反義詞 give rise to
    • arise from or originate in (a specified source) words whose spelling derives from Dr. Johnson's incorrect etymology 同義詞 originate in, have its origin in, be rooted in, be traceable to, stem, ... 更多
    • (of an expression in a natural language) be linked by a set of stages to (its underlying abstract form).
    • (of a substance) be formed or prepared by (a chemical or physical process affecting another substance) strong acids are derived from the combustion of fossil fuels
    • obtain (a function or equation) from another by a sequence of logical steps, for example by differentiation the volume fraction of the soil can then be derived as a function of L
  2. 知識+

    • derive from,be derived from不同?

      e.g:The custom "is derived from" South America. e.g...多了道『演變的過程』在其中,所以此處用be derived from。 e.g: The superstition of the aboriginal...

    • derive的前身是哪個拉丁字?為何造此拉丁古字呢?

      Derive: Middle English, from Anglo-French :deriver, to understand if you read it in English.) 2009-06-25 22:16:44 補充: derive=de+rivus de=從那裡來(拉丁語,西班牙語) rivus=河流 derive=從那裡...

    • Lipoprint-derived是什麼意思?

      Lipoprint-derived 脂蛋白-衍生的 Lipoprint: 我查了google後發現...which lipids are transported in the blood. derive: To obtain or receive from a source. To produce or obtain...