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    • 1. 起源於;來自 The English language derives mainly from the Germanic stock. 英語主要來自於日爾曼語系。
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    • derive from,be derived from不同?

      e.g:The custom "is derived from" South America. e.g...了道『演變的過程』在其中,所以此處用be derived from。 e.g: The superstition of the aboriginal...

    • 請人幫忙翻一句英文 謝謝 要順並通情達理 say that something such as a word or feeling derives or is derived from something else, you mean that it comes from that thing. derive from 由...得來...

    • 如何翻譯成英文?文法要正確

      Symbols derive from culture. Furniture is also a kind of symbol, whose style ...of people's living. 2011-06-30 12:25:36 補充: 其實這個發源自"derive from"用主動跟被動都可以啦,但是現在據我了解,西方的教授現在很不愛被動用法...