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  1. descend

    • IPA[dɪˈsɛnd]


    • v.
      move or fall downwards;(of a mammal's testes) pass from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum.
    • verb: descend, 3rd person present: descends, gerund or present participle: descending, past tense: descended, past participle: descended

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. move or fall downwards:

      the aircraft began to descend

    • 2. (of a mammal's testes) pass from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum.
    • 3. (of a road, path, or flight of steps) slope or lead downwards:

      a side road descended into the forest

      a flight of stairs descended a steep slope

    • 4. move down (a slope or stairs):

      the vehicle descended a ramp

    • 5. move down a scale of quality:

      three hotels were granted the prestigious five-star status, whilst others descended in quality or maintained their ranking

    • 6. (of sound) become lower in pitch:

      the chords descended in spectacular style from the upper register to the lower

    • 7. act in a shameful way that is far below one's usual standards:

      he was scrupulous in refusing to descend to misrepresentation

    • 8. (of a situation or group of people) reach (an undesirable state):

      the army had descended into chaos

    • 9. make a sudden attack on:

      the militia descended on Rye

    • 10. make an unexpected visit to:

      groups of visiting supporters descended on a local pub

    • 11. (of a feeling) develop suddenly and affect a place or person:

      an air of gloom descended on Labour Party headquarters

    • 12. (of night or darkness) begin to occur:

      as the winter darkness descended, the fighting ceased

    • 13. be a blood relative of (a specified ancestor):

      John Dalrymple was descended from an ancient Ayrshire family

    • 14. (of an asset) pass by inheritance, typically from parent to child:

      his lands descended to his eldest son

    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[dəˈsend]


    • v.
      move or fall downward:
    • the aircraft began to descend

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