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  1. descend to

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    • 1. 向下延伸至 The mountain path descends to a small river. 那條山間小路向下延伸到一條小河。
    • 2. 墮落到 How come she has descended to stealing? 她怎麼會墮落到偷竊的?
  2. 知識+

    • 幫我翻譯成英文文章

      ... because I since the childhood didn't once cooked meal will not descend kitchens to all bring them to go to the restaurant to eat for my parents...

    • descend backwards 是怎麼樣的下降方式?

      ...from their lofty heights for short periods of time, generally descending backwards to the ground. 無尾熊是樹居有袋類動物,牠們只從高處下來短短的時間...

    • 請問這個句子結構是不是有錯誤

      ... to school by bus. (O) → John goes to school by bus every morning. (O) 否則就必須是「真理... in the west. (O) 因此,本句之主要動詞 " descend " 應改為 " descended " 較為恰當...