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  1. descend upon

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    • 1. 突然襲擊 The robbers descended upon the village. 強盜突然襲擊那村子。 The police descended upon their hide-out. 警察突襲了他們的藏身處。
    • 2. 向...湧來 Letters of application descended upon them like snowflakes. 申請信件像雪片似地向他們飛來。 My sister's family is descending upon us this weekend. 想不到我姐姐一家本週末要到我們這裡來。
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    • 有關一段話的英文翻譯

      ...2007-11-08 12:05:16 補充: 對不起 我以為只要翻引號裡面的 As the descended upon the East Conemaugh yards of the Pennsylvania...

    • 翻譯成英文(世界和平即將臨到我家)

      World peace will soon arrive at my house. World peace will soon descend upon my home. World peace will soon come to my house/home. World peace will soon reach my house. 變不出更多啦. (^_^) 希望有幫助!!

    • well-fed, hot-tempered and ..?