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    • How to describe Tw's location?

      ...). However, "east of China" can be used to describe a general direction. 2012-05-02 20:03:21 補充: If one is to say: "...

    • 英文的微積分問題

      回版主, 翻譯和解答如下:a. Describe how to find the second derivative of a differentiable function.請...the rate at which a quantity, y, changes with respect to the change in another quantity, x, on which it has a functional...

    • 我的英文作業題目不太懂 (急!!!)

      ... custom, festival or event. 描述台灣的一個文化、節慶、或事件。 2. Describe Taiwan to someone who knows nothing about it. 把台灣描述給對它一無所知的人。 3...