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    • 英翻中,拒絕翻譯軟體。謝謝

      As desirable as power seems to those who do not have it, those who do have it know it to be a burden. 應可翻成 : 無權者渴望權力, 有權者知道權力是種負擔

    • 翻譯這幾段英文句子

      1. Why is it desirable that microscope objectives be parfocal? 為何物鏡同焦之顯微鏡使用得心應手...

    • 黃金單身漢的英文翻譯 bachelor:An unattached man who is desirable and worthy of choice. 未結婚的,有很多人渴求及值得選擇的男人. 2006-10-14 03...