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  1. despising

    • despise的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
  2. 知識+

    • defy與despise的區別

      ...disobey, ignore, diregard --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- despise (vt) 字構--de向下+spis看+e(v.) 源義: 看低,看不起 ex: Honest...

    • Don’t ever take a chance on it

      Despising the law will eventually lead you to troubles. 藐視法律終會(讓你)惹禍上身...on it. 千萬不要心存僥倖。 take a chance on it. take a chance 冒險 it 指上句的 despising the law Don't ever 的 ever 是強調語氣。 可以翻譯成 "千萬不要...

    • 文法問題求姊答

      ...up at five, for I wanted to watch the sunrise. 2You should not despise others__ you are rich 1 because 2 when 兩個選項都正確,都不可加...