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    • 制止,防止,挽留挽留的事物,妨礙物
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    • 煩請達人指導英文的"文攻武嚇"

      文攻武嚇 media campaign and arms deterrent Note﹕文之為攻必形諸於傳媒 故謂之... and conduct media campaign and arms deterrent all at the same time. They have always thought...

    • 幫忙中翻英..關於死刑的問題..謝謝>_<

      ... that refuse to abolish death penalty are able to utilize it more or less as a deterrent to discourage crime. Food and resources provided to capital...

    • 請高手幫忙翻譯一些英文喔 ~~

      ...資深的老師, 屬管理階層, 但也有在任教的 taking issue with our war-deterrent measure 在這是指北韓官方認為美國對其以核試爆來威懾外來侵略(例如美國..)很...